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Call us for a good time. Well, at least the throw you out of a perfectly good airplane, 200km/h, human flight kind of good time.

We know that skydiving is a very misunderstood activity, and the internet or your friends might not have the correct or right information for you. Whether you’ve got some unanswered questions about the process, safety related inquiries or booking questions, we’ve got all kinds of ways you can connect with us.

If you prefer, please give us a call. After all, this isn’t a hair appointment; this is an epic lifetime experience! You might need your very own personal Stoke Advisor to get you booked in and ready to jump.



Westlock Municipal Airport,

Westlock, AB, CA, T7P 2P6

From Edmonton

  1.    Take Hwy 2 North to Hwy 18.
  2.    Turn left on Hwy 18 towards Westlock.
  3.    Turn left on RR260 and follow the airport signs.

From Athabasca, Fort McMurray or Northern Alberta

  1.    Take Hwy 2 South and continue onto Hwy 18 towards Westlock.
  2.    Turn left on RR260 and follow the airport signs.

From Barrhead

  1.    Take Hwy-18 East to RR260 2.
  2.    Turn right on RR260 and follow the airport signs.

Hours of Operation

* Closed on Mondays
Month Tuesday – Friday Weekends
May Closed 9am-Sunset
June Closed 9am-Sunset
July Closed 9am-Sunset
August Closed 9am-Sunset
September Closed 9am-Sunset


# of Jumpers



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