Edmonton Skydive Facilities


Type: Super King Air
Fleet: One
Climb: 8 minutes to 14,000 ft
Capacity: 14 jumpers

Type: Cessna 182
Fleet: Two (C-GASX, C-GVEF)
Climb: 12-18 minutes to 10,000 ft
Capacity: 4 jumpers

Manifest & Administration Building

Two story, 4000 sq. ft
Customer Check-in & Registration
Fun Jumper Manifest
Special Events & Courses Classroom
Tandem Training & Gear Up


Indoor Carpeted Packing (more than 6000 sq. ft)
Video Review/Debrief Zones
Creeping Area
Skydiver Lounge Area
Covered Outdoor Packing Area

Swoop Pond

Canada’s Largest!
Dimensions: 400’ x 125’

*Host venue for the 2011 and 2015 Canadian Canopy Piloting Nationals.

Rigging Loft & Gear Sales

Parafunalia operates the rigging loft and is Edmonton Skydive’s authorized representatives for all gear sales including:

Performance Designs Canopies
Mirage Containers
Cookie Helmets

For all your rigging needs please visit them in the hangar or online at facebook.com/parafunalia

Landing Area

Twenty-seven (27) acres of grass landing area. Plenty of outs (it is the Priaries after all). Zoned for high and low speed approaches and experience levels.


Open weekends and during major events.
Menu: Burgers, Sandwiches, Hot Meals, Cold Drinks, Desserts


We have a newly renovated 6 room, 12 bed, bunkhouse. $40/night.

Call 780-884-5867 or email for availability.


Tenting on site is free. Bring your own tent.