Our Story

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Our Story

At Edmonton Skydive, we’ve all chosen a path to pursue our passions. We’re completely in love with skydiving, human flight, parachuting and aviation, and we want to share that with you. During your experience you’ll get an understanding of the sport, our lifestyle and our own little family of adventure seekers.

We’ve built our business, culture and facilities to showcase and introduce people to the beauty of human flight and the sport of skydiving. We look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you for your first of many jumps.

Edmonton Skydive first opened in 1985 as one of the first skydive centers in Western Canada, and the first in Alberta. Since then, it grew to become one of the largest skydiving centers in the country, hosting the Canadian National Skydiving Championships twice.

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Tour Edmonton Skydive

Tour Edmonton Skydive

A lot of people don’t know what to expect when they arrive at a skydive center. And there can be quite a variance in facilities and overall experience. It’s our belief that our facilities, aircraft and team are a direct reflection of who we are and what type of experience you should expect.

Even here at Edmonton Skydive, our smaller operation, we have some of the most incredible facilities in the country. It doesn’t really encapsulate the vibe but we welcome you to ride along on our digital tour of our beautiful facility.

If you’re considering upgrading your skydive to the highest jumps in Western Canada at our sister operation south of Edmonton, you can take a digital tour of that facility here.


Core Values


For more than 30 years, Edmonton Skydive has held one of the best safety records in the country. From aircraft maintenance to pilot training to instructor hiring, our standards are designed to make your skydive as safe as possible.

Your safety is our number one priority. We do not discount or cut corners on safety. Occasionally, that means we may need to delay or cancel skydiving to wait for better conditions. This is for the well being of you, and our team, and we do not make any compromises in that regard.

We use the newest, state of the art, certified parachute equipment. Our airplanes are inspected and maintained to the standards of Transport Canada. We require our staff to stay current with all new training procedures and equipment.


Without you, we don’t get to meet cool new people, share incredible first time experiences, explore the possibilities of human flight and meet rad, new friends.

Our small team at Edmonton Skydive means that we get spend more time with each of our new skydivers. At the end of the day, that’s one of the coolest part of our jobs. For you, it provides a bit more time to understand the skydive process, learn a little more about equipment, skydiving, or your instructor – which is nice when you’re about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane together!


There are a lot of experienced and professional skydivers at our skydive centers but the reality is most people only do one skydive (we recommend you reconsider this position). If that’s the case, shouldn’t you design your most memorable day to suit your lifestyle, objectives and adventure level accordingly?

With skydive centers north and south of Edmonton, we offer options best suited for wherever you live. Even though we can’t offer the highest jumps in our north of Edmonton location, we have a mega skydiving center, Alberta Skydive Central, where you can get maximum freefall south of Edmonton.

Whatever works for you, works for us!

On-Site Amenities

We have built a beautiful and spacious facility to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. We no longer have onsite food or snack options so please be sure to bring some snacks in case we experience weather delays.

The Big Moments That Made Us A Skydive Mega Center


Edmonton Skydive pilots participate in Alan Eustace world record skydive on the reconnaissance team.

Edmonton Skydive hosts Canadian National Skydiving Championships

Edmonton Skydive brings the first full time turbine aircraft, a Twin Otter nonetheless, to Alberta.

Skydive Big Sky acquires its first aircraft.

Canadian record set at Edmonton Skydive by James Wilson for most skydives in one 24-hour period with 202 jumps.

Skydive Big Sky acquires new hangar at Innisfail.

Edmonton Skydive does world’s first tandem freefall tattoo.

Skydive Big Sky opens in Innisfail, Alberta.

Edmonton Skydive Opens


# of Jumpers

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