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Operations, Hours & Directions

When do you operate? When are you open?

We jump Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-9pm, beginning the first weekend of May until the middle of September (weather permitting).

The reservation line and office is open everyday from 9am-9pm.

How do I get to Edmonton Skydive?

Edmonton Skydive is located at the Westlock Municipal Airport. It is approximately 35 minutes from Edmonton city limits (north side).

GPS Coordinates:

54°08’27.1″N 113°44’43.3″W

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From Edmonton:

  1. Take Hwy 2 North to Hwy 18.
  2. Turn left on Hwy 18 towards Westlock.
  3. Turn left on RR260 and follow the airport signs.

From Athabasca/Ft McMurray:

  1. Take Hwy 2 South and continue onto Hwy 18 towards Westlock.
  2. Turn left on RR260 and follow the airport signs.

From Barrhead:

  1. Take Hwy-18 East to RR260.
  2. Turn right on RR260 and follow the airport signs


How do I know if the weather is OK for jumping?

There are some weather conditions that prevent us from skydiving. Strong winds and low cloud cover are the two most common restrictions.

Weather at the skydive center often differs from other locations and conditions can change rapidly. Forecasts are often incorrect. For these reasons, we recommend you call us as opposed to looking at the forecast or weather conditions at you home.

If you have any concerns on the weather, please call us at 780-884-5867 and we can advise you on the probability of jumping that day.

What if the weather doesn’t allow us to jump on the day of our booking?

If you cannot jump on the day, we will reschedule your jump for another day at no additional charge. If your jump is rescheduled due to weather conditions, your deposit will be applied against the new booking.


Are there age restrictions to do a skydive?

The minimum age is 14 years old (a parent or legal guardian must cosign the waiver and be present on the day of the jump).

Participants that are 16 years and older can sign their own waiver.

There is no maximum age restriction.

We have jumped with people from 14-95 years old.

Are there any weight restrictions to do a skydive?

Yes. Only those who are in reasonable physical condition can skydive. Typically, we are not able to jump with men over 235 LB and women over 200 LB.

Individuals that are six feet or taller the max for men 250 LB and 215 LB for Women.

If I have a medical condition can I go skydiving?

It depends on the condition. Most medical conditions do not prohibit you from jumping. Please contact us for further clarification.

Can I have a beer to take the edge off before my jump

Absolutely not. For your safety, and that of our instructors, we have a strict zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.

Pricing & Reservations

Do I need to make a reservation?

Bookings are not mandatory but are strongly recommended.

On weekends during the summer we get very busy so bookings are best to hold your specific date or time. We also recommend making a booking so that we can advise you if there are operational changes or inclement weather which has forced us to close (or close early) for the day.

Book Now

How far in advance should I book?

Generally, 1-2 weeks in advance is sufficient lead time.

If you have a specific date and/or time you want to jump, or you’re booking for a weekend in mid-summer, we suggest you book a little earlier in advance to reserve your spot.

That being said, if we’re at full capacity we can book you into our sister location, Alberta Skydive Central, which is located south of Edmonton and does the highest skydives in Western Canada.

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How much does skydiving cost?

At Edmonton Skydive we offer a basic freefall jump from 10,000 feet with about 30-40 seconds of freefall. These jumps are $299-$329/person. We do have a sister location south of Edmonton, Alberta Skydive Central, that offers a maximum freefall (highest jumps in Western Canada)

Choose Your Skydive Experience

Do you have group rates or specials?

Yes. Groups of two or more people save $20/person and get the best rate at either Edmonton Skydive or Alberta Skydive Central. Skydives start at $329/person at Alberta Skydive Central and $349/person at Edmonton Skydive. For more information, visit our pricing page

Do you have other skydiving options?

If you want more than a basic freefall experience, then we recommend you make a booking at our sister skydive operation, Alberta Skydive Central. That location is Canada’s mega skydiving center offering larger, more comfortable aircraft that do the highest skydives in Western Canada from 13,000 feet. That’s about 60% more freefall. You definitely want to get the best experience on your first jump. To make a booking there, visit the website at albertaskydivecentral.com

How high do you jump from?

At Edmonton Skydive, we offer basic freefall jumps from 10,000 feet. That jump altitude provides a 30-40 second, 200 km/h freefall, and a 3-5 minute parachute flight.

At our sister location, Alberta Skydive Central, south of Edmonton, we do the highest jumps in Western Canada which means a maximum freefall skydive. These skydives are from 13,000 feet with 60 seconds (60% more) of 200km/h freefall, followed by a 3-5 minute parachute flight. It’s your first jump, and it’ll go by very fast, so we recommend the higher jump to get the most out of your experience.

Choose Your Skydive Experience

Can I upgrade my skydive?

You can upgrade from a basic freefall jump (10,000-foot exit altitude, 30-40 seconds of freefall) to the highest skydive in Western Canada (13,000-foot exit altitude, 60 seconds of freefall) if you jump with our sister skydive center, Alberta Skydive Central.

Choose Your Skydive Experience

Is a deposit required?

We do require a $50 deposit per person in order to secure your booking. Your deposit is held on your account until the day of your skydive and then deducted from the total balance of your jump.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We require at least 72 hours of advance notice of your booking in order to make changes or cancel your jump. Changes or cancellations with less than 72 hours of notice will result in forfeiting your deposit.

If weather causes a change or rescheduling of your jump, you will not lose your deposit. It will remain on your account for the day of your new jump.

How does a first jump happen? What is a tandem skydive?

Your first skydive is a tandem jump. This allows you to experience all aspects of skydiving on your very first jump in the safest, fastest, and easiest manner. A tandem jump is the only way you’ll get to experience the exit, freefall, and parachute jump on your first skydive.

A tandem skydive is a jump in which you are attached by a four-point tandem harness to your instructor from inside the aircraft until you’ve safely returned to the ground. Tandem instructors have been specially trained and certified to do this type of jumping, and are extremely experienced, typically with thousands of jumps on their resume.

What if I want to keep skydiving after my first jump?

You probably will because skydiving is awesome! And a tandem jump is just a very small taste of what is possible for human flight.

We have a very extensive and successful solo license program (Accelerated Freefall) which operates out or our mega skydive operation at Innisfail. We create more new student skydivers every year than every other skydive center combined in Western Canada, and consistently in the top three across the country for most new student skydivers. Check out our student program at Alberta Skydive Central.

Skydiving & Video & Pictures

What should I wear to make my first skydive?

In addition to the skydive harness, we provide jump pants (if desired) and goggles.

Please wear comfortable (close-fitting) clothing that does not prohibit movement and is appropriate for the weather/temperature conditions.


  • Hiking/Track/Yoga pants
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Sweats
  • T-shirt/Long Sleeve/Hoodie
  • Sneakers or runners

Not recommended:

  • Flip flops, sandals, high heels or any open toe footwear
  • Boots with speed lace hooks (i.e. work boots)
  • Any clothing that will restrict your movement

How long should we plan to be there?

You should plan to be at Edmonton Skydive for 1-3 hours provided normal operation conditions. We cannot control the weather, so in the case of weather delays, your total time at the skydiving center maybe longer.

Can I jump with my friend?

Edmonton Skydive utilizes a small aircraft that takes two skydivers (plus instructors and pilot) per flight. For groups of two, you will be on the same flight as your friend, sitting next to them on the way up to jump altitude. First-time jumpers will exit the aircraft 5-10 seconds apart from each other (so you will not see each other in freefall).

If you have a larger group, considering jumping at our sister location, Alberta Skydive Central, which is located south of Edmonton. We fly multiple aircraft that are larger (the biggest in the region) so you can be on the same flight with four of your friends, and you’ll get to jump from a higher altitude with approximately 60% more freefall!

Choose Your Skydive Experience

Can I get videos and pictures of my skydive?

Yes! And you should!

Edmonton Skydive offers great video and picture packages. Be the star of your own HD, professionally shot video, along with a minimum of 40 (typically 60-100) high-resolution pictures documenting your jump. For all of our options, please see our video and picture services.

Can I wear a camera?

Due to safety concerns for yourself, the public, and our instructors you are not able to wear your own camera. There are strict guidelines and criteria set forth by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association in order to fly with camera equipment. Only trained and licensed skydivers are able to jump with camera equipment.

Don’t worry though, we’ll get your jump recorded. Edmonton Skydive offers fantastic video and picture packages to capture your jump.

What does skydiving feel like?

Although you will feel 200 km/h wind in your face, freefall provides the sensation of floating rather than falling. It is true human flight! The parachute ride is more tranquil and provides the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the suspended flight. All that being said, you truly have to try it to understand.

What if I am afraid?

A fear of heights, and jumping from an airplane for the first time, is completely normal. In fact, some very experienced skydivers are still afraid of heights. Jumping from an airplane is very different from standing on the edge of a cliff or building. When you skydive, you do not get the same sense of ground rush because you are so high above the ground that the view changes very slowly, unlike if you jumped from a cliff. The scariest part of the jump is usually at the door, just prior to jumping. Once you exit (we’ll provide the motivation), all of that fear turns into pure euphoria.

Can I bring my pets to the skydive center?

No. Absolutely no pets are allowed at the skydive center.

I still have more questions? Is there someone I can talk to about my jump?

Yes, of course. Give us a call us at 780-884-JUMP (5867) or email us at jump@edmontonskydive.com for any further questions or to help plan your skydive.


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