Skydive Gift Cards


Watch How Skydive Gift Cards Change Lives

A Most Epic Gift

Edmonton Skydive offers a variety of skydiving gift cards that are customizable for budget, activity experience and for various levels of extreme!

We give gifts to connect with people and make them (and us too) feel happy and excited. While material items break, fade, and get outdated or uninteresting, an experience that creates a vivid memory stays with us forever. Carefully chosen experiential gifts, shows you truly know that special person, what he/she aspires to be and that you’ve spend some real-time thinking about their happiness rather than just buying another shirt or blender. No one raves about a shirt five years after they got it; but they’ll still tell their skydiving story!

If you’ve made this far then you’re most certainly a consciousness and super fun gift giver. Skydive gift cards are truly one of the best gifts you could give. A first jump remains one of the top five life experiences for more than 95% people and is almost always on the top of every bucket list. Customize one today for your special someone, and make it an even more memorable day, by joining in on the fun!

Gift Card Options

We have two locations offering more jump choices to customize your skydive gift experience. If jumping locally near Edmonton or a more economical jump is preferred, you can purchase a 10,000’ skydive for Edmonton Skydive in Westlock. Our Red Deer area (Innisfail) jump provides an opportunity to do the highest skydive in Western Canada from 13,000’.


» 10,000 FOOT JUMPS «

Jump from 10,000’ at our Westlock location.

35-40 seconds of freefall with a 3-5 minute parachute flight.

Distance from EDM City Center:
82 km (1hr 10min)


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Pick from a variety of video packages either separately or in addition to a tandem skydive jump. 

Video packages highlight freefall and parachute flight.


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For the person that just wants to give an adventurous present but doesn’t know what option to pick this is for you.

Select any dollar amount at all. Go ahead, make it a weird number. Just because. Valid at either location.


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The Best Experiential Present

Perfect For Any Occasion

• Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
• Birthdays
• Graduations or Anniversaries
• Christmas or Valentine’s Day Presents
• Corporate Adventures or Performance Incentives
• Bucket List Activities
• Special Occasions
• People that enjoy throwing friends out of perfectly good airplanes

Completely Flexible

• No expiry date
• Replaceable if lost
• Non refundable but transferable to other people
• Customizable with your own personal message
• Available in multiple packages and denominations
• Useable at multiple locations (Edmonton and Red Deer)

Potential Issues

• Finding an equally cool present next year
• Overdose of affection and love from that special someone
• Adjusting to new labels like Best Parent Ever or Boyfriend that Gives the Best Gifts
• Figuring out which hobby you’ll have to drop for skydiving

Five Big Reasons Why Skydive Gift Cards Make the Best Presents!


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