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Skydiving is an awesome activity for friends and family members to celebrate and enjoy one of the most incredible human experiences possible. What could be better than an adrenaline-fueled, trip to another world, smashing fears and checking off bucket lists with a whole bunch of your favourite people experiencing the same thing at the same time?

For that corporate event, stag or stagette, birthday, bucket list or any special occasion, skydiving is the ultimate activity to add to the itinerary. If you’ve been charged with organizing the party, add a tandem jump to the day and you’ll be immortalized as the epic party planner.

We can handle large groups up to 20.

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Group Skydives


Average Group Size


Friends Based Groups

Organizing Your Skydive Group

While we would never suggest waiting until your all of your friends are keen to go skydiving (the reality is that some of them just won’t), it is a little more special if you have some of your favourite people to experience this adventure.

Our friends, family or coworkers help to accentuate the build up, the excitement, the nervousness, the post jump buzz, basically all of the moments between the moments. While your skydive itself will be a very personal experience, having a group of your friends to experience all of the other elements makes those moments a little more fun. Convince your parents, call in that BFF favour or grab the cool guy from work, even if its only one other person to share the experience you’ll be glad you did.


Organize Your Skydive Group

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While we would never suggest waiting until your all of your friends are keen to go skydiving (the reality is that some of them just won’t), it is a little more special if you have some of your favourite people to experience this adventure.

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Special Rates

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We offer group rates for groups of jumpers starting at just three. Time to squad up, squash any of their objections for skydiving and suit up for adventure.

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Charity Events

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We’ve helped organized some of the most successful fundraising charity events in Alberta. Talk about putting the fun in fundraising. We’ve worked with Adeara Recovery, Edmonton Dream Center, Alberta Schizophrenia Society and Kids Cancer Care Foundation…

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Special Occasion Jumps

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Whether it’s a surprise birthday party, the first stop on a bachelor party, celebrating a promotion or new stage in life, mark that day with the most memorable adventure possible. Double down on the special occasion with an extremely special introduction to human flight.

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Group Jump Expectations


Turnaround Time

Our standard expected time at the skydiving center is between 1-3 hours. However that assumes small groups and individuals. And as groups generally wait for everyone to skydive before departing, the time between arrival, the first person jumping and the last person jumping may be longer.

At Edmonton Skydive, we can typically jump four people per hour. And it might take 30-60 minutes to check everyone in and get them registered. So, for example, a group of twelve could expect to spend four hours at the skydive center.



Operational Capacities

Airplanes have limited capacity based on their size and lift power. Obviously, we can only take so many people at once, while also considering other operational limitations such as parachute packing, staff resources and aircraft refueling.

At Edmonton Skydive, we have a four-person capacity per flight (so jumpers plus instructors). So please be aware that if you are a group of four, you will need to split into two different flights with approximately 30-40 minutes between flights.


Check In & Registration

The check-in, registration and wavering process is both the first, and least amount of fun, of your whole skydive experience. We’ve done lots of streamlining to make it easy and fast but it’s obviously an important and mandatory part of the skydiving. It’s a complicated process to manage check-in and aircraft, and if it seems a bit slow with a large group, trust us that it all moves quite fast once you’re checked in.

That being said, you can certainly do a few things to help expedite the process and get jumping faster. Our confirmation emails contain links to complete a waiver prior to arriving. Please ensure that your waiver is completed prior to arriving at the skydive center. This simple task reduces check in time significantly.


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