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Make Your Dreams Stories

At Edmonton Skydive, we help turn your dreams into enviable stories. You should expect the most exhilarating and life defining experience. This is a place where you get to fulfill your dreams, crush your fears and enter a world where you can fly.

Untether yourself from the shackles of gravity and a two dimensional world. Skydiving is a gateway to neurochemical bliss, unlocking the ability for human flight, playing in the clouds, a true sense of freedom and complete present moment zen.

We consider it an absolute privilege and honour to guide people through this amazing experience. We’ve built our culture, experience, facilities and staff to ensure that this is not only an incredible skydiving experience, but also one of your best life experiences! What that means for you is a super positive vibe at the skydive center, surrounded by people that have devoted their life to fulfilling their passions, and other people’s dreams.

We’re stoked to offer you multiple ways to experience skydiving. If you want to jump locally near Edmonton, or budget is a concern, we offer a 10,000 foot skydive at our Westlock location.

Either way, prepare yourself for a life defining adventure in which you get to realize your dream of flying.

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Experience Human Flight

We’re glad you made your way here, whether it’s to check off a major bucket list item, fulfill a childhood dream, celebrate a special occasion or simply because you’ve always wanted to fly.

On that memorable day, this might be how your story plays out. As you prepare to board the airplane, excitement, curiosity and most likely nervousness begin to spike. That’s totally normal and to be expected. Fortunately, that curiosity, that adventurous spirit, pushes you enough to board that plane and take your seat.

As the airplane powers down the runway, you’re airborne and fully committed. You feel the air cool as the airplane climbs to jump altitude. You’re emotions are on a bit of a rollercoaster, teetering between excitement, anxiousness and euphoria. And before you’re ready (you’re never really ready for this experience the first time), the red light by the door illuminates. It’s only ONE MINUTE away! Your heart rate increases, and yet, you’re totally ready to see what’s the on the other side of fear.

As the door of this perfectly good airplane opens, you see three kilometers of sky above the ground. You take a deep breath to slow things down. And then, the red light flips green. It’s GO time! Not a single thought, other than what is about to happen is passing through your neural transmitters. And then, you find yourself on the edge of the airplane, 10,000 feet above the ground. Before you have time to think, “what am I doing” you’ve exited into a 100km/h airstream and that question has answered itself.

As you accelerate to 200km/hour, everything surprisingly slows down. Dopamine and serotonin flow through your body like a raging river. Your breath deepens, vision widens, smile gets larger and your perspective on everything changes. You now understand what it feels like to fly. The next 45 seconds is unparalleled with anything you’ve ever done; it’s the most magical mix between adrenaline, zen, freedom, adventure, weightlessness, excitement and limitlessness. Welcome to our world.

Edmonton Skydive uses the tandem skydive system for first time jumpers. Tandem skydiving is the fast track approach. It is the only method that enables first timers to experience all aspects of skydiving with limited instruction. Your instruction includes proper freefall body position enabling your body to manipulate wind and gravity. Even though almost everyone can try skydiving, only a small, elite percentage of people have joined the human flight club.

The Tandem Skydive Experience

Tandem skydiving pairs extremely experienced, professional and specifically trained, skydive instructors with student flyers. This approach enables first times to do a freefall jump in the safest, most controlled environment for skydiving. The instructor is attached to the student by a four-point harness, from inside the airplane until back on the ground. Your instructor will assist in freefall, open the parachute and help safely guide the pair back to the landing area.


Know that your safety is paramount above all else. All of our operational decisions are made with your safety as the primary consideration. That means we use the newest, state of the art, equipment. As one of the largest skydiving companies in the country we are able to hire some of the most experienced and talented skydive instructors from around the globe. Collectively, we are one of the most experienced teams in Canada.


Here’s what to expect when you arrive at the skydiving center on the day of your jump.

Step 1: Registration

vancouver tandem skydive step 1

You’ll arrive at Edmonton Skydive and check in at our front desk. You’ll register, complete paperwork, and review and select video and/or pictures packages.

Step 2: Training

vancouver tandem skydive step 2

Tandem skydiving is very easy and requires very little training. First you’ll watch a short training video giving you an overview of your jump. Then we’ll introduce you to your tandem instructor. Your instructor will provide supplementary training by reviewing techniques in the video and practice training on the ground. This includes aircraft seating, climbing out and exit, freefall body position and landing procedures.

Step 3: Gear Up

vancouver tandem skydive step 3

An Edmonton Skydive staff member will fit you with a tandem skydive harness, jump pants (if required/desired) and goggles. The harness is adjusted for your safety and comfort. It has four attachment points. The harness is stress tested to withstand 15,000 pounds of tensile force.

Step 4: Ride to Altitude

vancouver tandem skydive step 4

Enjoy a scenic 20 minute ride of the prairies while we climb to 10,000 feet. During the ascent, your instructor will also review your jump and perform multiple safety checks.

Step 5: Freefall

vancouver tandem skydive step 5

Once the plane is at jump altitude, the door will open and you will exit the airplane secured to your tandem instructor. You might be a bit nervous when the door opens, but once you jump, you’ll be loving every second of freefall bliss. Your instructor will open the parachute at 5000 feet above the ground and then the next step of your adventure will begin.

Step 6: Parachute Flight

vancouver tandem skydive step 6

Once the parachute is open, your descent slows significantly. It almost seems like you’re floating. It gets relatively quiet. It’s time to catch your breath, but just for a moment, because there is more fun to be had. The parachute ride can either be gentle and peaceful, or an adventure packed aerobatics ride. It typically lasts for 4-6 minutes.

Step 7: Landing

vancouver tandem skydive step 5

Tandem parachute landings are generally very smooth and gentle. The procedure involves lifting up your legs so the tandem instructor can touch down first. You’ll typically slide across the grass on landing.

Step 8: Post-Jump

vancouver tandem skydive step 6

That amazing experience just came to an end and now it’s time to process it all. We’ll escort you back to our facility where you will be helped out of your harness and review your video and pictures.

Choose Your Skydive Experience

Our two locations provide you with options to customize your skydive experience to what you want. Our Edmonton area location provides the opportunity to jump locally and is our most economical option with a 10,000’ skydive. Our Red Deer and Calgary area jump location provides an opportunity to do the highest skydive in Western Canada from 13,000’. For just an additional $50/person you can upgrade to the top floor for 60% more freefall.


» 10,000 FOOT JUMPS «

North of Edmonton

Location: Westlock Airport

Details: 30-40 seconds of 200km/h freefall with a 3-5 minute parachute flight.

Distance from EDM City Center:
82 km (1hr 10min)


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» 13,000 FOOT JUMPS «

South of Edmonton

Location: Innisfail Airport

Details: Highest jump in Western Canada. 60 seconds, 200km/h freefall, and a 3-5 minute parachute flight.

Distance from EDM City Center:
170 km (1hr 45min)

$379 – $399/person

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