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Watch the Edmonton Skydive Central Tandem Experience

Skydive Prices

For the most exciting, exhilarating and memorable activity, skydiving is perhaps the best value activity you could choose! For a few hundred dollars you can have an experience that is a life-defining, game changing, unforgettable and indescribable adventure.

In addition to our group tiered pricing, we have two options for your skydive. Our facility north of Edmonton at the Westlock Airport offers 10,000 foot jumps for $299 on Saturdays and Sundays.

But we always recommend that people upgrade their jump and join us at our facility south of Edmonton at the Innisfail Airport to get the maximum amount of freefall and a better group experience. As one of the country’s mega skydiving centers, Alberta Skydive Central has more options for you to book your jump, as we’re open from Wednesday – Sunday. Here we also do the highest skydive in Western Canada with 60% more freefall and views of the Rocky Mountains (on clear days) for only an additional $20/person. At our Innisfail location we also fly the largest aircraft in the province, meaning more of you can be on the same flight and watch each other jump.

Group Pricing


» Small Groups «

(1-2 jumpers)

10,000′ Foot Skydive


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» Medium Groups «

(3-10 jumpers)

10,000′ Foot Skydive


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»Upgrade to 13,000 Skydives«

(Innisfall Airport)

13,000′ Foot Skydive


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Consider Upgrading Your First Skydive

More Freefall

Our Innisfail location south of Edmonton flies larger and faster twin-engine aircraft than any other skydiving in the region. That means that we can take you to 13,000 feet, compared to 10,000 feet at our Westlock location, north of Edmonton.

Considering that tandem skydivers open parachutes at 5000 feet above the ground you’re comparing 5000 feet of freefall to 8000 feet of freefall. That’s 60% more freefall for only an extra $20 and a 15 minute longer drive. Freefall is such an incredible, free and exciting sensation, that we really encourage people on their first jump to get as much of it as possible because it already feels like it ends quickly.

Mountain & City Views

While our Westlock location provides safe and fun tandem jumps, the very best skydive experience in Western Canada is at our sister location near Red Deer. And we want people to experience all the best that skydiving has to offer when you come for your first, and maybe only, skydive. In addition to extra jump altitude and more freefall, our location south of Edmonton offers views of the Rocky Mountain and city skylines on clear days, and vibrant crop colours during the summer. Nice scenery definitely improves your ride to the top floor and your human flight descent.

Mega Skydive Center

Joining us at our sister operation, Alberta Skydive Central, you’ll be part of the vibe at one of the country’s biggest skydiving and training centers. You’ll get an opportunity to interact with licensed, experienced jumpers living the skydiver lifestyle, new students earning their own certification and a gigantic and impressive facility.

We’re also better established here for handling your large group with larger and more aircraft (more of your group can jump on the same flight), our turnaround times are quicker, and we’re open more often (Wednesday – Sunday) to offer greater flexibility for your schedule.


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