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Tandem Skydive Video & Pictures

There is no better way to share the experience of a lifetime (and prove how awesome you were) than by getting video and pictures of your first jump. When words can’t describe the experience, or sensory overload has made a few seconds of the experience a little fuzzy, or you’ve just got the most epic Facebook or Instagram shot, you’ll be stoked you got a media package.

Edmonton Skydive offers both in-air video and photography services so you can relive the experience of a lifetime. Your entire adventure will be captured from gear-up to landing. Videos and pictures are captured in HD and delivered to you 15 minutes after your skydive on a USB drive for you to keep. We offer a variety of packages depending on operations and your preferences. On the day of your jump, we’ll show you examples of the packages available.

Video & Picture Package Options

You can select one of the following media packages when you arrive to do your skydive.




Third person camera flyer provides greater perspective/wider angle(less close up) shots in freefall. You’ll get to interact with another skydiver in freefall, and will get more epic Facebook/Instagram type shots (but no pictures or video flying the parachute). Like the “Top Gun”, get a 5 minute 1080 HD video AND approximately 100 high resolution pictures on a 8GB USB drive.




Our best value media package. Selfie style, instructor handcam perspective.

Get a 5 minute, 1080 HD video capturing the entire skydiving experience(meeting instructor, boarding aircraft, take-off/inflight, exit, freefall, parachute flight, and post ump commentary AND approximately 100 high resolution pictures on an 8GB USB drive.



» ACE* «

The ultimate gold standard! Don’t miss an angle with the best of both packages.

Get it all: Two 1080 HD freefall angles (both inside and outside perspectives), parachute flight, parachute landing, and the entire experience from gear on to feet back on the ground AND both angles for HD photos (minimum 200 photos) on a 8GB USB drive.



*Sharp Shooter and Ace packages are not always available and offered on a limited basis
**Prices are per person and do not include GST

Although rare, sometimes video and camera malfunctions can happen. We use the best equipment available for safe skydiving use. In the event of a camera malfunction, we will issue a refund for the applicable video or photo package. No refund will be issued for the skydive. Please note due to safety concerns and regulations by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA) skydivers must have a minimum of 200 jumps and a B license to wear a camera.


One Picture Changes Everything

See The Hidden Side of Skydiving

Your brain is going to force you into an uber state of present moment when you jump, which is awesome, but ideally we want to see and relive every bit of the first jump experience. Only video and pictures capture the nonverbal parts of an experience, the moments between the moments, that facial expression that truly conveys how we felt in that particular moment. It’ll viscerally remind us of the rollercoaster of emotions we experience in a life defining moment: the excitement, fear, freedom, anxiousness, bliss, and pride. A single picture, or moment in video time, can revive a hidden moment from the ultimate bucket list adventure.

Validated Life Choices

Once we step in that airplane, we can’t change our mind about getting video and pictures. No one ever regrets getting skydiving video and pictures, but it’s definitely common feedback we get from the small percentage of people that opt not to.

The reality is a year or even a month from now, we won’t even know what we did with that extra $125 but we’ll always be able to relive every moment of that incredible day. Just one picture of parachute flight with that epic cloud in the background, or a few seconds of that freefall at sunset and you’ll be stoked you got a media package.

Social Media Hero Status

A single skydiving picture or video promises to be your most popular social media post of the year! We see it everyday of the season with people that come jump with us. If you’re going do something awesome, share it with your friends and family.

Even if you’re not after social media glory, this could be one of the big moments of your life. And surely, mom, your BFF on the other side of the country or your coworkers want to see it too? We are the author and director of our own memories. Sometimes when we want to tell these stories and relive the experiences, we need tools to paint the picture. We’ve spent our whole lives trying to articulate how amazing skydiving is, and what the experience will be like. How can you truly describe such an experience with words? You can’t. After you land, you’ll understand too. But at least you’ll have video and pictures to help!


Videos Shot


Pictures Taken


Avg. Social Media Likes/Post

Personal Skydive Production


B-Roll Shoot

We provide everything required for your very own personal skydive media production, including a storyboard, impromptu script and shot list that was crafted to tell the story of your entire skydive experience. A key part of that is B-Roll footage (and pictures). B-roll is supplemental footage used to enhance the main storyboard by telling the back-story, set the mood and convey your emotions in the moment. That includes pre and post jump interviews, boarding and take off shots (and pictures of course).


A-Roll Shoot

The exit, freefall and key moments of the parachute flight, are the money shots or A-Roll of your production (and obviously the coolest). Our team uses specialized, high definition, dual action camera systems to get the best shots given the environment we work in (which is always changing with variance in lighting, backgrounds and the subject). We review our shots regularly and have come up with some of the coolest angles, shots and poses in the game.


Post Production

Our philosophy is that we’re the Director of Photography on this set, but you’re the director. We provide you with all of the incredible video and pictures from the shot list, but you have the final cut. You decide what is included, how it is edited, and what, if any, effects are used. It’s your film, so you’re the expert.

After your jump, we’ll transfer all of your raw videos and pictures to an 8GB USB drive that’s yours to keep. Files are provided in an easy to use, edit or straight up share on social media format (1080 HD MP4 video files and high resolution JPGs).

Probable Highlight & Featured Shots

Regardless of how prepared, chill or stoked you are for your skydive experience, you’re highly likely to get one of these epic, funny and highlight worthy shots during your first jump. Posed pictures are awesome but these unscripted shots are the real unexpected beauties of a skydiving experience.


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